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28 April 2006 @ 07:56 pm

Phred and I found out today. Not only is it a boy, but we got the apartment that we wanted. The baby's room is going to be right in the center of the house. It's hard to explain, but, the baby's room is the one with a big bay window looking out back... There's a little hallway in between all the rooms and everything branches off in the direction to the front, back, and right. :-) (I still can't get my smileys to work.) The landlord is going to paint the nursery robin's egg blue she said. I don't mind, she's eager to help out. :-) Now, we just have to think of a theme.

So, I ask you, what themes have you done in your baby boy bedrooms? Phred wants to do choo-choo trains or airplanes. I want something that we can switch to a girl theme is if he somehow turns into a girl. I was always fond of those Noah's Ark type of rooms. Can you show me pictures of your baby boy nursery's?